Leasing.com has extended its exclusive partnership with Autovia, a UK automotive content and commerce business, to introduce leasing offers to consumers across its Auto Express, Carbuyer and Driving Electric brands.  

After a successful three-year partnership Leasing.com, the UKs leading leasing comparison site, will continue to provide Autovia with the technical solutions that allow it to surface millions of ever-changing new car leasing offers across all motor manufacturers and fuel types directly to Autovia’s engaged digital audiences. 

The renewed partnership also includes an expansion of Leasing.com's dynamic pricing technology across Auto Express, one of Autovia’s best-known title. Real-time new car leasing information will now be shown to consumers on road test reports, long-term tests and in-depth reviews on Auto Express, increasingly the number of motorists that can consider monthly payment affordability as part of their online new car research. Elsewhere, dynamic pricing technology, exclusive leasing deals carousel and display ads will also be shown on Autovia’s CarBuyer and Driving Electric websites.  

The announcement comes at a time of significant change for the automotive industry as UK motorists transition to electric vehicles and the provision of EVs content and offers is a particular focus for the partnership. Last year all electric vehicles (plugin, hybrid and battery) accounted for 35.3% of total demand seen on Leasing.com, up 17.6% on the demand seen in 2021. Challenging economic conditions have cooled private demand for EVs this year but the 2024 zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate means leasing will be an essential channel to helping manufacturers reach their targets.   

Paul Harrison, Chief Partnerships Officer at Leasing.com, said: “We’re delighted to extend our long-running partnership with Autovia. Both companies have a shared ambition of providing consumers with clear and transparent information to support their car research, backed-up with first-class editorial content, so renewing our partnership was an easy decision to make.  

At a time where consumers are tightly managing their household budgets, leasing is the most cost-effective way for motorists to spread the cost of driving a new vehicle. Consumers can also choose bespoke terms that suit their personal circumstances giving them greater control of their finances. This partnership will help to boost the audience and appeal of new car leasing even further as part of the transition to electric.” 

Steve Machin, Managing Director of Advertising at Autovia, said: “As the UK’s most trusted automotive experts, it’s crucial that our partners must add real value to our customer and reader experience. That’s why we’re delighted to continue our relationship with Leasing.com so our audiences receive trusted expertise on a platform where customers can find the right vehicle.  

At Autovia our unique proposition offers customers a holistic approach to car buying, and includes trusted content from respected commercial brands. This makes Leasing.com and Autovia perfect partners, to communicate to and with the UKs most engaged car-buying audience.” 

"Leasing.com renews partnership with Autovia  " was originally created and published by Leasing Life, a GlobalData owned brand.


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